1 year ago

3 March, 2017

The Wests Group

Organised by:
University of Newcastle Medical Society

WHAT? First Incision!
WHERE? Wests New Lambton
WEARING? Cocktail steez
WHAT TIME? First years: 6:30 - 7:00 // Everyone else: 7:00 - 11:30
HOW MANY DRINK TICKETS DIAMOYYYYY/JAAAACK? Two, but actually now it's three.
HOW MUCH? $35 for UNMS Members and Firsties, $40 for everyone else. On sale Tuesday 21/2 at 6pm!
IS THIS AN 18+ ONLY EVENT? Yes (legal issues)

With a new year comes new opportunities to turn up and get down at one of the biggest nights of the year: UNMS First Incision.

Now that management has forgiven us for 2014's events, 2017 marks a return to the premium ambience of Wests New Lambton, and you can bet your bottom dollar that missing out sets you up for years of regrets and FOMO. So don't miss out!

As a cocktail event, you can expect the classic tropes: drinks, heels, assortiment de canapés and instantaneous booth-based photography. As a UNMS event, you may also experience more drinks, top banter, more drinks, “Clarence Ratnakumar has added you” and medcest at kick-ons.

For firsties, First Incision will be the introductory glimpse into med’s "work hard, play harder" mentality. For our final year students, this'll be your last hurrah celebrating 5+++ years of cocktail-fuelled debauchery, and UNMS is delighted to provide a platform for that sort of behaviour.

Will the new MD’s secure a reputation as mild-mannered serial networkers?
Which upperclassmen (and women) will swoop down on some unsuspecting pre-clinicals?
Will you be finding love or ragrets on the dance floor?
Will Ravi become the most rowdy former Treasurer since Alexander Hamilton?
Who will have gotten super hot over the break?

The answer to all, some or none of these questions will be revealed on March 3rd. Come betray your sensibilities and get your menace on at First Incision 2017!