1 year ago

7 March, 2017

Cafeteria, Royal Newcastle Centre, John Hunter Hospital

Organised by:
Wake Up! Global Health Group

60 million women give birth each year with the assistance of a Traditional Birth Attendant or with no assistance at all.

The United Nations (W.H.O.) estimates that 385,000 women die annually in childbirth. Developing countries account for 99% of these deaths. For every woman who dies in childbirth, another 30 women incur injuries and infections – many of which are often painful, disabling, embarrassing and lifelong.

Each day, almost 800 mothers die from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. One third of total global deaths are in two countries; India (50,000 per annum) and Nigeria (40,000 per annum).

This means that on average, 1 woman in 27 dies from pregnancy-related causes. However, 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. Almost all of these deaths occurred in low-resource settings, and most could have been prevented.

A woman’s chance of dying from complications during pregnancy or delivery is:

1 in 15 in Chad
1 in 16 in Somalia
1 in 2,400 in the United States of America
1 in 8,100 in Australia

One of the reasons for these poor outcomes in developing countries is the lack of clean sanitation; supplies and medical care for both the mother and baby during birth. Our birthing kit night aims to make a small step towards reducing this inequality by providing basic supplies that are needed during a birth (but are often not available due to poverty or lack of access).

Our birthing kits will contain:

1) A plastic sheet – for a clean birthing environment for preventing both the mother and baby from coming into contact with the floor.
2) Gauze – for cleanup
3) String – to tie the baby’s umbilical and mother's cord and to prevent bleeding.
4) Gloves – hand hygiene and stop the transmission of bacteria from the attendant
5) Scalpel – for a clean cut of the umbilicus
6) Soap – hand hygiene to prevent the spread of infection

Please come and join us in participating to this wonderful cause. Food will be served after the assembly and there will be music. We will also find out our finalists and winners of the Wake Up Photo Competition 2017 in a presentation afterwards.