1 year ago

21 February, 2017

Brennan Room

Organised by:
Amnesty International Group

Come celebrate the start of another fantastic year at UON with Amnesty International!

If you are already a member of the UON Amnesty Community, this is the perfect time to update your membership for the new year. This year, we're going digital, so if you want to be kept in the loop on what we are doing in 2017, please sign up at the link below.


We are also excited to welcome new students this year! If you haven't previously been involved with Amnesty International, why not check out our O-Week stall in the Brennan Room, and chat to one of us about what it is we do. If you already know what we're about, and you want to get involved, please follow the link above and sign up, so you don't miss out on the awesome year we have planned.

At the moment, Australian LGBTQI couples do not have the freedom to express their love and commitment to one another through marriage.

The right of adults to enter into consensual marriage is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 16). No-one should be denied the right to marry the person they love because of their gender or sexuality. Two-thirds of Australians think that everybody should have equal access to express their love and commitment to their partner through marriage if they choose.

We’re so close to making this happen. 2017 can be the year we celebrate and recognise the love and commitment of all Australians wanting to get married – if we show our MPs and Senators that we’re not giving up.

We need Marriage Equality:
1. For Fairness: Fairness and equality is the bedrock of who Australians are and what we stand for. Everyone should be treated equally under the law and given the same rights. It’s time our Marriage Act was updated to reflect the values we’re most proud of.

2. For Love and Commitment: Marriage is a powerful way for couples to celebrate their love and commitment to one another. It provides security, dignity and joy to the couple and their family. Updating the Marriage Act will mean that everyone will have the opportunity to commit to the person they love under the law.

3. For Progress: Most Australians agree it’s time for our LGBTQI neighbours, friends and family members to have the same rights as everyone else. It won’t make any difference to the majority of Australians but it will make a huge difference to our LGBTQI community.

O-Week Actions:
This week, we will be organising and co-ordinating 3 main actions that we can take to show support in the campaign for marriage equality:

1. Sending Love Letters to our local MPs and Senators

2. Signing the Marriage Equality Petition

3. Take a photo with our #EqualityNow poster, and share it on social media with the tags #equalitynow, #loveislove and #loveisahumanright to make your voice heard in the campaign

If you want to get involved and take action with us, come by the O-Week stall and show your support!