1 year ago

2 August, 2016

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Organised by:
Fossil Free Murdoch

A group of WASEN folk have recently returned from the annual, rad, most-reputable 'Students Of Sustainability' Conference (SOS) and are keen to share their experiences and learnings.

Join us as we share summaries and key learnings from the variety of environmental, social justice and anti-opression workshops. The session will focus on engaging everyone present in discussions on topics of:
first nations solidarity work & soveriegnty; horizontal grassroots organising & consensus decision making; fighting nuclear dumps; radicalazing the big ENGO's; challanging the system; and other issues related to engaging with environmental and social justice struggles.

The student organised convergence, SOS, focuses on exploring potential practical solutions to environmental and social justice issues in the form of workshops, forums and plenaries. It also gives students the opportunity to connect with other collectives and ASEN activists from across the country. This has given us support to build the future of WASEN.

WASEN is a part of the nationwide network, the Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN) that exists to empower people across universities and comunities and support campaigns by providing resources, linking groups and facilitating the sharing of knowledge and skills.