2 years ago

22 May, 2016

Melaleuca Swamp North

Organised by:
Murdoch Environmental Restoration Group MERG

Interested in doing some planting? And getting your hands dirty for FREE food?

MERG has ordered a bunch of plants for the Melaleuca Swamp. If you haven't been down there before it will definitely be a great experience. It's very luscious and green. A favorite spot on Campus! It is a very hard area to keep undisturbed as it is right next to the Murdoch farm, therefore gets run offs from fertilizers and cars from the roads. But we have our mission and we will do our best to get our little plants growing big and strong to keep the swamp thriving!

Take your mind off of study for a while and have a break volunteering outdoors. Bring a friend, make some new ones or catch up with old ones. This is also a great way to stack on those volunteering hours for your Career and Development Skills Transcript in Environmental Management.

***There is FREE FOOD PROVIDED after the event!!***

~Meeting Place: Vet Farm Carpark (Near ETC) at 8:45am~

Register here: