1 year ago

10 October, 2016

Murdoch Uni

Organised by:
Murdoch Malaysian Association

It’s the time of the year where we invite MMA members or Murdoch University Malaysians to be part of the Committee team! Many of us will be either graduating, stepping up into another position or moving on in life so we’re looking for fresh faces to fill in our places! If you’ve got a CV/ resume, please do show us!

Below is the positions that will be available coming 2016/2017:
• The leader not guiding but always listening and considering your committee’s opinions and advices for matters involving MMA
• First person at networking and making contacts with outsiders/sponsors
• Assigning tasks to committee members
• Support your committee and general members
Vice president
• Support your president in any way
• Monitor and keep track with the committee’s progress
• Record meeting minutes
• Develop paperwork if required
• Send out and monitor e-mails regarding MMA matters
Treasurer(s) (preferable student who has financial experience)
• Can count money
• Produce and analyse finance recording
Marketing/advertising director
• Promote events on Facebook, Instagram
Sports director(s)
• Coordinate and manage sports events
• Able to play sports
Events coordinator(s)
• Organise yearly events
Liaison director
• Look out for potential sponsors
• Social butterfly

All successful candidates will be announced during our Gala/AGM dinner!

Benefits of being involved:
• Certificate will be given
• May use close sponsors and advisors as referrals
• Connectivity with all kinds of people

Truthfully speaking, none of these roles have specific job scopes but you must adhere to your basic duty as a committee. When you become in a team, all work of an event or any matter is to be shared and contributed by everyone. DELEGATION is of utmost importance here. Only when everyone help out, things can progress and work effectively. Try asking the current committee! We’ve had a great time together in 2016 but it’s only fair to give others a chance to obtain such precious life experience while studying in the university.

Interested? Please fill in the nomination form:
and email your interest to murdoch.malaysian@gmail.com

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact:
Chantal (president) - 0451403887