2 years ago

13 April, 2016

Oak Lawn

Organised by:
SLAYA Sri Lankan Australian Youth Association

Winners of recent PROSH Olympics, SLAYA are doing PROSH this year!

To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Sri Lanka winning the world cup, the theme this year is CHAMPIONS - where you can join us dressed as your fave cricket champion! Come dressed as Tendulkar, Jayasuriya, Sangakkara, Chris Gayle, any champion ;D

Let's smash this year's PROSH for 6! CATCH ya there ;D

Here's a link to the original PROSH event:

Below is a schedule and code of conduct as written by UWA Guild. Please have a read through!

This year's schedule is as follows:

4.20am: RAVE
Come down to Oak Lawn from 4:20am to cut some shapes. We'll be droppin the bass before you pick up your tins. Featuring DJs, pancakes by Red Frogs Australia

Pick up your papers and tins from Oak Lawn – don't forget you'll need your UWA student card to sign out tins.

6.15am: MOVE
Buses will be taking clubs and faculty societies to different locations all across Perth, so get on and start selling. You can also head to Stirling Highway to jump on a Transperth bus - bring your Smart Rider - but you cannot sell papers on public transport at any time.

7am: SELL
Shake your money maker (aka your tin) and raise as much as you can for the 2016 charities. Make sure to follow the code of conduct rules while you are selling papers.

Contact your closest marshal or pop by Forrest Place to restock on papers and swap out FULL tins for a new one. Empty/partially full tins will not be accepted.

Gather in Forrest Place at the Information tent then follow the marshals and parade through the city streets. Making noise is encouraged.

Head to Northbridge Piazza to hear from the charities, and watch club and faculty society skits.
NOTE: UWA classes resume at 12pm

Head to the UWA Student Guild Tav and reward yourself for a hard day’s PROSHing. ID required, 18+ venue.

Don’t drive tired. Look after your friends. Make sure to return your tin to the UWA Student Guild by 4pm on Wednesday 13th April.


The below rules apply to all PROSH participants:
1. PROSH is a drug and alcohol free event. If you appear to be affected by drugs or alcohol you will be asked to leave.
2. Listen to and obey the marshals. They know what they’re doing and what you SHOULD be doing.
3. No street drinking. Anywhere. The fine for street drinking is $200.
4. Don’t sell papers on public transport at any time. Do not sell on Transperth concourses or in stations. Do not prevent people from leaving stations.
5. Look both ways before you cross the street.
6. Stay out of and away from all construction areas. You’re not Bob the Builder.
7. Don’t do anything that will get you or other people injured/killed.
8. Don’t die. Don’t ruin PROSH for everyone else.
9. Don’t litter. Put your rubbish and paper straps in the bin.
10. Don’t stand in the middle of the road or intersections. The fine is $50 for a traffic infringement.
11. Don’t block footpaths or walkways, you don’t have a licence to make life difficult for everyone
12. Don’t harass or swear at people. No means no. Seriously.
13. Don’t PROSH and drive. You will be tired after a long day of Prosh-ing. Organise alternative arrangements. Bring your SmartRider.
14. Failure to return tins will result in a $200 fine.
15. If you are doing something illegal, you will be handed over to the police. The organisers of PROSH take no responsibility for your actions.
16. Remember you are representing PROSH, the 2016 charities, the UWA Student Guild and The University of Western Australia at all times.
17. You are not permitted to sell papers at Elizabeth Quay, the Convention Centre, and the Esplanade Train Station (or surrounding areas) under any circumstances. If you are catching a bus to the Esplanade station, you must exit the area immediately.

TL;DR - Don’t be a shit bloke.

- - - - -

This year's Charities:

Headspace Osbourne Park
Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, provides free support to young people aged 12-25 years and their families and friends. Headspace Osborne Park assists young people and their families with mental health, physical health, alcohol and other drugs, and education and employment support.

Foodbank WA
Foodbank is the largest hunger relief organisation in WA providing food relief to over 51,300 people a month.
Foodbank runs Australia’s largest School Breakfast Program, providing breakfast for over 17,000 students across the state each week. Together we can fight hunger in Australia!

Tiny Sparks WA
Tiny Sparks WA is Western Australia's premier charity for high-risk pregnancies and babies born sick or premature. Tiny Sparks WA provides practical, tangible, educational and emotional support to families enduring these challenging journeys and also assists these ‘at-risk’ children and their families as they grow, providing affordable access to specialist paediatric services.

Bicycles For Humanity
Bicycles for Humanity (WA) Inc. is part of world-wide, grass-roots, all volunteer-run movement focused on simple, sustainable empowerment through bicycle transport in the developing world and remote Australian communities. To achieve its aims B4H WA collects bikes from Perth public donors, repairs as necessary and packs them for transport. Our NGO partners have used these containers and their contents to establish community run bike shops, thus not only providing transport, but also sustainable community development projects.

StarKick, run by the Coolbinia Bombers JFC, is a football team for special needs boys and girls footballers who by circumstance or choice may not be able to participate in a mainstream footy team. The StarKick footballers are not a separate team that play away from, or at a different time to the club’s Auskick program; but the StarKick footballers and their families participate in a fully inclusive and integrated team as part of our club’s AusKick morning.