2 years ago

17 March, 2016

The Tavern UWA

Organised by:
Sophisticated and Sober SaS

Welcome, one and all, to the time honoured tradition of the Saint Patricks Day Tav Run (crawl, wander and stagger are also applicable)
In keeping with the usual theme, people are welcome to join and leave at any time during the day, depending on where we are.
To add a twist, we're flipping the direction of our run, instead heading from UWA tav, making our way south to Curtin, then onwards to Murdoch.
Why do this?
Why change such a lovely tradition?
Because variety is the spice of life after all, and the only cure to spicy is alcohol. Also fuck you thats why.
General plan will go up shortish as to where we'll be at what time, but as we found out last year, once drinking we never really keep to time anyway (and we'll updating the event as we move, don't worry)
Anyone who doesnt show up adds another night to the amount of nights i'll spend crying msyelf asleep because of your absences.
Save the date kids, we're getting royally wankered.