2 years ago

24 April, 2016

Murdoch Uni

Organised by:
Murdoch Mandrakes

April PQL!!
Hosted by the Murdoch Mandrakes down at Bush Court at Murdoch Uni, our 3 university teams are going head to head once again!

Round robin between the Curtin Chimeras, Murdoch Mandrakes and ECU Centaurs. Two games for each team and reffing/scorekeeping/etc when not playing.

Bring your water bottles, wear your team colours, and ensure you have the proper headbands for your position.

Never played before? There are plenty of training times throughout the week for you to attend and learn the ropes! Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Stats from last months competition are up and we have some new rising players! Want to know where you stand compared to other Perth players? Check out the goal scorer stats and get practising to work your way to the top!