2 years ago

11 February, 2016

Murdoch University room SS2.051

Organised by:
Murdoch Theatre Company

Murdoch Theatre Company present it's first production for 2016, Punk Rock by Simon Stephens.
Directed by Justin Crossley
AD by Katie Southwell

William Carlisle has the world at his feet but its weight on his shoulders. He is intelligent, articulate and f***ked. In the library of a fee-paying grammar school, William and his fellow Sixth-Formers are preparing for their mock A-Levels while navigating the pressures of teenage life. They are educated and aspirational young people, but step-by-step, the disclocation, disjunction and latent aggression is revealed.

William: a studious, slightly awkward teen who has fallen for the new girl at school

Lilly: The New girl, trying to find her feet and adjust to her knew surrounding, she is an intuitive but cynical person who also has a tendency to gossip

Bennett: A self-confident and arrogant individual who always commands the attention of the room and enjoys belittling and manipulating others. Doesn’t give a shit about school or grades

Cissy: The straight A’s coaster, intelligent and pretty, things seem to come pretty easy for her. She is Tanya’s best friend and dating Bennett

Tanya: the quieter, kinder best friend of Cissy, she can still joke around and be sexual when she wants to. Has a crush on a teacher at the school

Nicholas: The attractive, muscular lacrosse player, he is a quieter type, who struggles a bit more with his studies then some of his friends. He is the mediator of the group

Chadwick: a vastly intelligent but socially challenged young man, attending the school on a scholarship, who is constantly abused by his class mates

Audtions will be in 15 minute slots and will consist of a prepared, dramatic monologue and a cold reading.

Audition Dates:
11th Feb - 5:30pm-10pm
13th & 14th - 10am-4:30pm

Production Dates:
24th-30th April
Show Dates:
28th 29th & 30th April

Please request a time slot in the comments below