2 years ago

28 April, 2016

Studio 411

Organised by:
Murdoch Theatre Company

**Content Warning** Includes scenes that are based on the Colombine Shooting **

Punk Rock is an edgy play written by Simon Stephens and being performed as Murdoch Theatre Company’s first show of 2016. Directed by Tay Broadley, co directed by Justin Crossley and Assistant Directed by Katie Southwell this play focuses on the struggles and conflicts high-schoolers face in their teenage years.

At a grammar school in Stockport, on the second floor of a hermetically sealed library room, seven sixth form students wage a silent emotional war against themselves and each other, as they battle for identity and meaning in a world that provides no easy answers. These might seem like the lives and experiences of ordinary teenagers, but ordinary circumstances can breed extraordinary ends…

Cast List:

Mike Casas as William Carlisle
Paige Mews as Lilly Cahill
Sean Wcislo as Chadwick Meade
Thomas Dimmick as Bennett Francis
Bella Doyle as Cissy Franks
Shannen Precious as Tanya Gleason
Will Moriarty as Nicholas Chatman

Crew List
Production Manager - Claire Mosel
Director - Tay Broadley
Co Director - Justin Crossley
Assistant Director - Katie Southwell
Production designer - Jess Bennett-Hullin
Design assistants - Ellie Hopwood & Anna Weir
Set construction - Micheal Bennett-Hullin, William Burgess, Matthew Neale.
Sound - Corina Brown
Lighting - Bella Doyle & Shannen Precious
Lighting Operator - Tijana Simic
Stage Manager - Grace Pusey

Show Dates/Times
28th April - Doors open at 7:30 for 8:00 start
29th April - Doors open at 7:00 for 7:30 start
30th April - Doors open at 7:00 for 7:30 start

Ticket Pricing
General Administration - $15
Student - $10

Tickets Avalible from https://www.trybooking.com/LAHQ