1 year ago

29 June, 2016

Subiaco Arts Centre

Organised by:
Second Chance Theatre

Perth Theatre Trust and Second Chance Theatre present:
at Subiaco Theatre Festival
29 June - 2 July 2016

The end is nigh, declares the newspaper headline. Peter continues to sip on coffee, morose and alone in his favourite café. He is content to watch the apocalypse rage on outside with earthquakes, exploding stars, and a giant komodo dragon tearing through the world around him. That is, until his ex-girlfriend Rachel bursts in, breathless and bloodstained.

Trapped in each other's unexpected company, with nowhere to go and nothing to lose, Peter and Rachel begin to rummage through their history to find where they went wrong. Together they find cold coffee, greeting cards, Chinese food, and answers they never expected. Together, they face the end.

Written by Scott McArdle, and performed by Nick Maclaine and Arielle Gray, Coincidences at the End of Time is a story of love, loss, and closure.

"McArdle is a young writer with great potential and he's certainly not afraid to explore provocative and dark subject matter" - Perth Theatre Reviews, 2014.

"Coincidences is a deeply touching, evocative, and intimate show that exceeds expectations and captivates the audience to the bitter, apocalyptic end." - Amy Thomasson, Buzzcuts, 2015.

Writer, director: Scott McArdle
Cast: Nick Maclaine and Arielle Gray
Design: Sara Chirichilli
Stage Manager: Daley King