1 year ago

6 October, 2016

Bounce Cannington

Organised by:
Murdoch Veterinary Students Association MVSA


Everyone seemed to enjoy BOUNCE last time so we are holding another session this semester!!!

Feeling particually stress at this point in semester because of all those assessments you have and learning objectives you still dont know? You are probably thinking you dont have time for this event ....well..you are WRONG!!!
You are the people i am targetting and i garantee your load will feel lighter after bouncing around (phunny?)
ahah but in all seriousness, BOUNCE will get your blood pumpin and this will be a bloody great way to spend your thursday evening with your friends!

Following the event, we (well at least i will be) heading to GRILL'd burgers afterwards so if you are keen to join PLEASE do :)

Tickets will be $10. Please pre pay for your ticket at the MVSA office between now and the 6th october.

If you are keen, please click attending on the page so i have a rough idea of numbers to pre pay for tickets