2 years ago

31 May, 2016

Online Webinar

Organised by:
World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association Murdoch University Student Chapter

This presentation will discuss the impact of the regulations concerning a veterinarian’s role and the use of veterinary feed directive (VFD) drugs in aquaculture. A VFD is a written statement issued by a licensed veterinarian that authorizes the use of a VFD drug in animal feed, as required by the U.S. FDA for all medicated animal feeds. The FDA developed initial regulations for VFD drugs in 2000, and Aquaflor® became the first VFD aquaculture drug in 2005. From concern about resistance in antimicrobial drugs used in food animals, the FDA revised these regulations in 2015 to stipulate that all antimicrobial drugs used in aquaculture feed will transition from over-the-counter, to requiring a VFD, effective January 2017. After this date all medicated feeds used in aquatic animals produced for human consumption will require a veterinarian (who fully understands VFD regulations) to issue a VFD.