1 year ago

3 December, 2016

Houston Street Center

Organised by:
The International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Public meeting in New York City:

Protests have erupted throughout the country against the election of Donald Trump. These demonstrations of high school youth, college students and other sections of young people express a deep hostility to the right-wing and xenophobic policies of a future Trump administration and all efforts to divide the population along racial lines.

The sentiments animating the protesters stand in sharp contrast to the response of leading Democratic Party officials who have lined up to wish Trump “success” and pledge their readiness to collaborate with him.

This cowardice of the Democrats before Trump and the far right is a continuation of their role in the election campaign. Clinton ran a right-wing campaign based on scandals and warmongering, directed particularly against Russia. She ran as the continuation of the Obama administration, which has presided over eight years of military violence, growing social inequality and escalating attacks on democratic rights.

Opposition to Trump cannot be carried forward through or in association with the Democratic Party or any of its factions. This longtime party of American imperialism cannot be changed, reformed or “taken back.”

In this meeting, we will discuss the significance and implications of the US presidential election and the way forward for workers and youth.

University Settlement at Houston St Center
273 Bowery, Classrooms 2&3