1 year ago

29 October, 2016

Hearst Field Annex

Organised by:
The International Youth and Students for Social Equality

UC Berkeley
Hearst Field Annex, Room A1
Berkeley, California

For a socialist strategy against imperialist war!
Unite the international working class!
Fund schools, jobs and healthcare, not the Pentagon and the CIA!
Withdraw all US forces from the Middle East and Central Asia!
Stop the confrontation with Russia and China! No to World War III!

On October 29, the Socialist Equality Party and the International Youth and Students for Social Equality will hold a conference, “Socialism vs. Capitalism & War,” at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, California. This conference will analyze the political situation and discuss a strategy for mobilizing workers, students and youth all over the world against this immense threat to the very survival of the planet.

Since declaring the “war on terror” fifteen years ago, the United States has invaded or bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and countless other countries. More than a million people have been killed, and hundreds of thousands turned into refugees. Entire countries have been laid to waste, while trillions of dollars have been squandered on death and destruction.

Now, the wars in the Middle East and Central Asia are more and more intertwined with the global confrontation of American imperialism with Russia and China, two nuclear armed powers.

Not since the eve of World War II has the danger of a global conflagration been so great. Yet the issue of war has been all but excluded from the 2016 election campaigns of Clinton and Trump.

The foreign policy of American imperialism is determined by the banks, major corporations and the arms industry. The fight against war is the fight against capitalism. All the great issues confronting the working class–including inequality, poverty and the drive to dictatorship–are inseparable from of the struggle against war.

Speakers will include:

* Jerry White, SEP candidate for president
* Joseph Kishore, national secretary of the SEP
* Bill Van Auken, WSWS Writer
* David Brown, WSWS Writer