1 year ago

27 October, 2016

Perth Cultural Centre

Organised by:
Students for Refugees

This week, ABC's Four Corners AND Amnesty International released even more damning, irrefutable evidence, that the conditions and treatment of asylum seekers and refugees Australia imprisons offshore amount to torture.



All that it takes for evil to triumph, is for good people to stand aside and do nothing.
We, the people of Perth will not stand aside and watch silently as torture happens in our name.
We will not forget the children on Nauru. We will not stand by as men on Manus are killed. As women are raped. As people are abused in an unspeakable manner- driven to self harm, and suicide, by the cruelty of Australias indefinite immigration detention system.

Please, join Students for Refugees and Amnesty WA Refugee Rights Group on Thursday evening at 5:30pm in the Perth Cultural Centre, and speak up for the thousands of people our government have shipped to remote islands, and left to languish for years in limbo.
We cannot continue to contibute to this legacy of irreperable harm.

If our government values as we do the basic dignity and fundamental rights of human beings:
All children must be brought to Australia from Nauru as a matter of immediate urgency.
Manus and Nauru offshore detention centres must be closed, and the people brought to Australia for processing.
Indefinite detention cannot continue.