1 year ago

19 September, 2016

CCZ, UWA Student Guild

Organised by:
Students for Refugees

A new generation of young talent is emerging, and it's time for the decrepit leadership team of the past to move aside to make way for new glorious leaders.

We were thinking of wasting all your time and money on a plebiscite, which committee would then ignore the results of and choose whoever anyway, but we heard the Guilds not really down with that...
So tomorrow at 1pm is ELECTION TIME.

We have some swell new structure, and some swell new positions up for grabs:
President (Will be elected from the three VPs, post election)
Advocacy VP
Education VP
Community Engagement VP

Come to the UWA Club Colaborative Zone from 1pm-2pm to hear people nominate, and submit your vote.
Results will be announced at our Quiz Night!
We also really need quorum, so please, if youre a paying member and have come to at least one previous meeting this year, you can vote, come help us elect some people.