1 year ago

27 September, 2016

Kimmel Center, New York University

Organised by:
The International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Room KC 912

In the 2016 US elections, the American people are being asked to choose between two right-wing representatives of the corporate and financial aristocracy, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Regardless of who wins in November, the ruling class is preparing a massive campaign of military violence abroad and an intensification of the assault on the working class at home.

Millions of workers and young people are disgusted with this supposed “choice” of a fascistic demagogue and the personification of the political status quo. Polls show that Clinton and Trump are among the most despised presidential candidates in US history.

The Socialist Equality Party and its candidates, Jerry White and Niles Niemuth, are running in these elections to give a voice to the real interests of workers and young people, and to prepare for the struggles to come. After experiencing the catastrophic consequences of the crisis of the capitalist system, millions throughout the United States and all over the world are beginning to ask the question: What is socialism? Our campaign is answering this question and building among workers and young people a genuine socialist leadership to wage war on war, inequality and the capitalist system.

Join the interntional Youth and Students for Social Equality and become involved in the campaign in New York! Now is the time to get involved and take up the fight for socialism!