1 year ago

23 September, 2016

Riverton Leisureplex

Organised by:
Student Law Society

Pledge your commitment to the party lifestyle. Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a jock, like to think you would have always been a cheerleader, or just own up to the fact that you're a bit of a nerd (lets be honest, we are all in the same boat here!).

Whether you're a freshman or a senior or have always wanted to be a part of a frat or sorrority here is your chance! Bring on your best beer pong skills (and yes CSLS we are ready for you) because College Party is here!

Whether you're the drunk girl who is crying or her friend who is trying to find out the problem... Whether you're the girl who is sick of the drama and just wants to dance or the boy who likes to impress with his 'wit' and 'sense of humour'. You might just be the person who goes around taking unflattering photos of everyoneee. College party is for all!

Get in quick, tickets will sell out!
$30 for members (of CSLS or MSLS)
$40 for non-members
(membership will be verified*)

* watch out, we have plenty nerds on pay roll! ;)
* don't forget to get your best costumes ready! ���