2 years ago

11 March, 2016

Murdoch Student Law Society

Organised by:
Student Law Society

When: 11th to 13th March
Cost: $130 standard members, $160 non-Murdoch members
Accommedation: We have dorms with beds

The one, the only, the legacy that is LAW CAMP. This means another year of university is upon us, so before things get into full swing, get into some full kegs!

The ticket prices are all inclusive of food, drinks, accommodation and transport.

We have a reduced capacity this year meaning last minute tickets WILL NOT HAPPEN! Get to the Law Cafe to buy your tickets ASAP!

PLEASE NOTE: Dietary requirements need to be locked in by Wednesday, 9th March. If you miss this deadline, we will feed you lettuce (or grass). soz.

Some less important information that you should read anyway: Law Camp this year is 18+ and ID checks will be non-discriminatory, meaning regardless if you look 100 or 12, you will be checked for proof of age. The law camp forms (including proof of age and dietary reqs) can be found in the Law Café and these will need to be filled out prior to payment.

For more information, please email Troy Sauzier at svp@msls.asn.au