1 year ago

17 March, 2017

Forest Edge Recreation Camp

Organised by:
Murdoch Veterinary Students Association (MVSA)

Hey guys and gals!
This is more of a 'save-the-date' at the moment. We will update you with themes, ticket prices/availability etc in the next few days.

Hi everyone, so we FINALLY have details for you about vet camp! Massive apologies for taking so long, unfortunately coordinating Vet Camp this year has not been an easy task!

Firstly we would just like to squash the rumours that minimal alcohol will be supplied - we assure you there will be a generous amount! Also whilst BYO isn't promoted, we certainly don't mind if you wish to bring your favourite party bev along 😉
There will be a relaxing Saturday morning swim with the ducks at Drakesbrook weir, so don't forget your swimming gear!
For those who wish to join in, we are trying our hardest to find affordable activities that are offered by the camp for Saturday as well (this is proving less than easy!). Don't stress - this won't add a cent to your ticket price - it's something extra we are hoping to squeeze in to make the camp more exciting!

Ticket prices will be:
$110 for MVSA members,
$125 for non-MVSA members.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the SIG sign up on Friday at the Vet Pergola - 12:30pm.
After that they will available from the MVSA office during opening hours.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!