1 year ago

8 April, 2017


Organised by:
The International Youth and Students for Social Equality

The eruption of World War in August 1914 arose out of deep-rooted contradictions in the capitalist nation state system. The opportunist leaders of the Second International repudiated the principles of international working class solidarity and endorsed the war. Against the background of the global conflagration, Lenin, emerging as the principal leader of the struggle against the betrayal of the Second International, insisted that the catastrophe of imperialist war was setting the stage for the eruption of world socialist revolution.

The lecture will be presented by Nick Beams, a founding member of the Australian section of the International Committee, the Socialist Equality Party Australia, and leading authority on the Marxist theory of imperialism.


The International Committee of the Fourth International is marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution with online lectures on the foundations, trajectory and consequences of the extraordinary events of 1917. The first series will begin on March 11 and continue biweekly until May 6. A second series will begin in September.