1 year ago

7 February, 2017

Wayne State University

Organised by:
The International Youth and Students for Social Equality

RALLY on Gullen Mall by the flagpoles at 5:30PM.

MEETING right after (start time 7:00PM) in Room 134 of State Hall

The differences between the Democrats and Trump do not reflect divergent class interests— both represent the same ruling oligarchy—nor are they about democratic principles. Rather, they center on the implementation of policies to advance the strategic interests of American imperialism. The overriding issue for them is how the Muslim ban and other policies pursued by Trump will affect the preparations for confrontation with Russia and China as well as the ongoing US military operations in the Middle East.

The crisis of US and global capitalism confronts the working class with grave dangers of war and dictatorship. It can defend its basic social and democratic rights solely by means of an irrevocable break with the Democratic Party and the mobilization of its independent strength in a political struggle to put an end to the capitalist system.

Join the IYSSE in our goal to build an independent movement of workers and young people, independent of the parties of the oligarchs, based on socialism, to oppose these attacks on democratic rights and carry forward the fight for international socialism!