2 years ago

7 March, 2016

South One Lecture Theatre

Organised by:
Australia-China Youth Association (Monash)

The uni season is well under way now. What better way than to start off the hectic study period that semester 1 will be by welcoming some free food and drinks? Yup, that’s right, FREE food and drinks!

Come join ACYA for our first official event, the 2016 Welcoming Party and have a taste on what we have on offer this year. You’ll be able to make some new friends, eat some good food and play some fun games so come join us on this fun evening!

Spots are limited to 150 and member-exclusive only! Please register on the link below to confirm your attendance (:
(All spots are filled. Thank you for registering! If you'd like to be on the waiting list, here's the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16zrb0EFWGGSz5RvZKQW0GitjWscBiM-BKODrknQcyXI/viewform)

Don’t have a membership with us yet? That’s alright, you can sign up on the night.
MSA: $5
Non-MSA: $10

Time: Monday, 7th March 5:30 p.m.
Location: TBA

We looking forward to meeting you all on the night!

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FB: facebook.com/acya.monash

Hello 关注ACYA的大家,你们好!O-Week结束了,希望大家都过了一个美好的周末!新学期让ACYA的欢迎聚会为你忙碌的新学期添点料吧!!免费食物和饮料,还有小伙伴哦!

新学期ACYA的第一个官方活动 Welcoming Party 即将登场。在这个活动中你将可以认识新的朋友,有免费有美味的食物以及参与好玩有趣的游戏。

这次的活动针对我们的会员开放,要参加的同学们可以点击阅读原文的link填写信息参与我们这次的活动,或者直接查看我们的Facebook主页ACYA MONASH点击链接注册。只有150个位子!快点注册哟!


莫纳什学生会的学生卡(MSA): $5 AUD
没有莫纳什学生会的学生卡(Non-MSA): $10 AUD

关注我们的 Facebook 主页ACYA MONASH, 以及官方微信账号 ACYAMONASH,