2 years ago

24 March, 2016

Robert Menzies Building, H5, 20 Chancellor's Walk, Monash University

Organised by:
Australia-China Youth Association (Monash)

Visas are a strange thing and sometimes they’re notoriously difficult to obtain. However, it doesn’t have to be like that.

签证是个很难说清的东西,有时正如大家所知,他们十分难申请成功。 然而,事实并非如此,

Skilled migration (技术移民)?
Employer-sponsored visas (雇主担保签证)?
Subclass 485 visas (485 毕业生签证)?

This visa seminar provides the perfect platform to have all these questions answers by a leading Australian immigration practice. The Australia-China Youth Association in conjunction with Santa Fe Immigration Services would like to provide you with a comprehensive visa learning experience.

这个签证研讨会提供了一个为由领先的澳洲移民公司来解答这些问题的绝佳平台。 澳中青年联合会携手Santa Fe 移民服务,为你提供全面的关于签证知识的学习体验。

Additionally, Santa Fe Immigration Services is generously providing free one-on-one sessions regarding immigration and visa advice!

与此同时,Santa Fe移民公司也慷慨提供免费的关于移民和签证的一对一咨询!

- FREE event!
- Drinks provided
- H5, Menzies Building, 20 Chancellor's Walk.