1 year ago

13 September, 2016

Monash University Clayton Campus Music Auditorium

Organised by:
Australia-China Youth Association (Monash)

Hi there! Hope everyone is courageously making it through the trials and tribulations of mid-semester!

ACYA’s premiere event “If You Are the Voice” is back with a bang from the overwhelming success of last year! What better way to drown out your sorrows by coming along to listen to the pure vocal artistry of our amazing contestants and guest performers in our line up. Rest assured you will not be disappointed!

For those of you who seek that added spice in your life, we will also be running a raffle ticket competition on the day with a stunning prize. So make sure you get excited and come down for complementary free food and drinks.

We look forward to seeing you all down there!


P.s For all you thrifty gals and guys out there we are also proud to announce that it will be a FREE event!

So make sure you RESERVE YOUR SEAT ONLINE NOW! https://docs.google.com/a/student.monash.edu/forms/d/154CvVkCBa3376bkF93_sd_MViud5mI2RrVM7MIDJhjw/edit