1 year ago

5 October, 2016

CL_20Chn/H5 (Menzies Building)

Organised by:
Australia-China Youth Association (Monash)

********ACYA Monash********

ACYA Monash proudly presents to you our 2016 ACYA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

It is the time of the year where we recognise talent, apraise committment and value our teamwork throughout the year. And here, the ACYA 2016 Committee invites YOU to our ACYA Monash AGM.

If you want to know what we have been up to this year, then this is the event to attend.
If you want to join committee for 2017, then this is the event to attend.
If you want to run for an executive position, then this is the event that you definitely need to attend.

Positions that we have vacant are:
-Careers Vice-President
-Education Vice-President
-People-to-People Vice-President
-Member without Portfolio (MVOP)
NOTE: Other director positions will be appointed by the executive team after the AGM.

To apply for an ACYA 2017 Executive position, please do follow the below link, and spend an adequate 15 minutes filling it in.
Link: https://goo.gl/SzoEy2
***Please note, a five-minute (max) speech during the AGM is required.
***To run for an executive team, you have to have been an ACYA member for at least fifteen days and must also be a Monash Clayton registered student.

Free food will be provided! It will be a delicious ramen and KFC night! Mmmmmm!