1 year ago

17 November, 2016

Melbourne, VIC

Organised by:
Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA)

HNA Group are coming to Melbourne! HNA Group is a Fortune 500-listed global company, and recently became a major shareholder of Hilton Worldwide Holdings.

年底你就要毕业了吗?正在找工作吗?海航集团 (HNA) 将要来袭墨尔本!HNA集团是《财富》杂志上全球最大500家公司其中之一,而最近更成为希尔顿全球酒店集团 (Hilton Worldwide)的大股东。

Join ACYA with our HNA Group to learn about graduate employment opportunities in Beijing, Shanghai and Sanya with subsidiaries Deer Jet and Capital Airlines.

现在加入ACYA,你就可以从HNA集团获悉有关其子公司在北京、上海和三亚的毕业就业机会。 HNA正在招聘金融、人力资源、会计、市场营销以及其他各种专业的毕业生!你可以在此网址查看职位描述,你也可以点击 'Discussion' 来查询相关资讯: https://www.facebook.com/events/1304007049634115/permalink/1304371902930963/

Event Schedule (some times and locations TBC)

Thursday 17th November, 12pm-2pm
Monash (Clayton) Information Session
Building 11, CL_20Chn/H5 Lecture Theatre

Thursday 17th November, 2pm-5pm
Monash Interviews
Building 11, CL_20Chn/S107

Friday 18th November, 1.30pm-4pm
Monash Interviews
Building 11, CL_20Chn/S106 & S107

Monday 21st November, 4-6pm
Unimelb Information Session
Gryphon Gallery, 1888 Building

Tuesday 22nd November
Unimelb Meetings

11月17日 星期四,12pm–2pm
地点:Building 11, CL_20Chn/H5 Lecture Theatre

11月17日 星期四, 2pm-5pm
地点:Building 11, CL_20Chn/S107

11月18日 星期五,12pm-4pm
地点:Building 11, CL_20Chn/S106 & S107

11月21日 星期一,4-6pm
地点:Gryphon Gallery, 1888 Building

11月22日 星期二


Application Process

1. Attend your relevant information session

2. Apply using the relevent link (must first make an account)
= HR/Administration: http://hr.hnagroup.com/zpdetail/230051317?p=1^5
= Financial Accounting http://hr.hnagroup.com/zpdetail/230051105?p=
= Marketing & Branding http://hr.hnagroup.com/zpdetail/230051317?p=1^5

3. Attend meetings with HNA representatives.

Best of luck!

Who are HNA?

HNA Group is a conglomerate which has grown and prospered against the backdrop of China’s reform and opening up. It had its debut flight on May 2, 1993 which signified the beginning of new chapter in Chinese aviation. In just a little over 20 years, it has become astounding success in the business community, successfully transforming itself from a traditional aviation company to a conglomerate, from the humble beginnings of Hainan Island to the a global company. It is committed to creating a business culture fit for the future, featuring socialist values and modern corporate systems, distinct operation and management models. The ultimate goal for HNA is to integrate itself with the interests of society and individuals within.

HNA 是在中国改革开放时期而快速成长起来的大型跨国企业。 HNA的首航是在1993年5月2日,从此便为中国航空展开了新的一页。 HNA仅仅用了20多年就在商业史上创造了巨大的成功,它成功地由一间传统的航空企业转变为大型跨国企业,它更从渺小的海南岛走向全世界。 HNA致力于为未来建立新的商业文化、价值观、现代企业制度以及独特的经营和管控机制。 HNA的终极目标是把社会、个体和自身的利益融为一体。

Today, HNA Group is ranked #353 on the Fortune 500 list and is worth approximately US$100bn, with major stakes in aviation, hotel, logistics, finance, real estate and more. Learn more at http://www.hnagroup.com/en/index.html