1 year ago

13 September, 2016

H1 lecture theatre

Organised by:
Disney Society

Ever dreamed of being a part of the best committee administration on campus at Monash? (we even won an award for it!) Well friends, this is your chance!!

On Tuesday the 13th of September, the Monash Disney Society is conducting our Annual General Meeting, and peeps, you have the chance to join our wonderful committee and forward the Disney agenda at Monash. All positions are up for grabs, which includes -

Vice President
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Treasurer
Social Media Officer
Events Officer (x2)
Member WIthout Portfolio - MWOP (x2)

If you're a keen bean, the procedure to follow if to send us an email at disney@monashclubs.org with your name and the position you're thinking of going for, just so we can gauge the interest in each position. It's also a good idea to prepare something you might want to say, as the positions are often contended, and a little something about yourself and your interest in joining the Monash Disney Society committee may sway the vote your way!

At the AGM, we'll also be following the election of the new committee with a movie night, where we'll be providing soft drink, chippies and pizza for your viewing pleasure. A poll will soon be placed up on this event page to let the people truly decide on our last movie night for 2016!

Please get in touch if you're keen to get involved in 2017!

xoxo Didneh