1 year ago

21 September, 2016

Rotunda R6

Organised by:
Business and Commerce Students Society

The BCSS AGM will summarise the 2015/16 year and welcome the 2016/17 year ahead. Applications to join the 2017 BCSS Committee are now open!

Find a full list of the positions available on the BCSS Clayton website: https://www.monashbcss.com.au/recruitment/

The AGM is occurring Wednesday 21 September at 1:00pm in R6 (46 Exhibition Walk).

You MUST be available to attend the BCSS Annual General Meeting (AGM) where speeches (30 seconds each) and voting (subject to BCSS Clayton members only) will take place. You're allowed to nominate yourself for up to 3 positions on the committee (which you will give a brief speech for each).

Free pizza and soft drink provided to all attendees so make sure you come on down!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email at enquiries@monashbcss.com.au.

Submit your application by 11:59pm Sunday, September 18.