2 years ago

17 May, 2016

G23, 29 Ancora Imparo Way (Education Building)

Organised by:
Education Students' Association


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Hey friends!

Uni just generally getting you down? How about getting down to the ESA movie and pizza night on Tuesday 17 May at 6:00pm?! Geeeez what a better idea! We will be showing the documentary, "TEACH," by David Guggenheim and hosted by (yassss) Queen Latifah, while enjoying some of the finest $5 pizzas the land has to offer.
And remember, as the great Daria once said, "there is no aspect, no facet in life that cannot be improved with pizza."

***WANT A FREE ESA BALL TICKET? ATTEND THIS EVENT AND YOU'LL AUTOMATICALLY GO IN THE RUNNING FOR ONE!!*** - rock up, eat pizza, watch a movie, walk away with a free ball ticket. What is life? Life will be but a dream! PLUS ~ If you have non-member friends who want to have a chance to win a ticket, bring them along and sign them up! Membership is only $5 for MSA members AND THEY WILL GET PIZZA TOO! Pizza for all!

*** At the start of the evening, the Education Students' Association will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting to elect members to the following positions:
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• 3 x General Representatives (1x first year, 1x second year, 1x general)
There are also still a couple of positions available on the Ball Committee, so let us know if you want to get involved with that as well!
If you are keen to contribute, come along with a brief speech prepared (or just wing it), to introduce yourself and tell us how you can make the ESA experience better for everyone! **

After Pizza & the EGM, we will kick off the Movie! It's set to be a goody. Come along and pass this off as study!! (We know we will be...)

"We all have had a teacher who's shaped us, inspired us, even scared us, and whom we can credit with having empowered us to become who we are today. In his third documentary to look at education in America, Davis Guggenheim brings us "TEACH," which asks the question: what does it take to be a teacher? Offering a rare glimpse inside four public school classrooms, Guggenheim invites us to follow the struggles and triumphs of America's education system through the eyes, minds and hearts of its most essential resource: teachers."

Any questions? Just message us!

In well wishes and pizza,

Your ESA team :)