1 year ago

12 October, 2016

Lecture Theatre C1 - Building 25 Exhibition Walk

Organised by:
Engineering Students Society

Well, well, well. It's that time of year again. Time to choose your fabulous, amazing, talented, organised, best event throwing MESS committee for 2017.

Come down to the Engineering Halls on Wednesday 12th of October to watch another round of hilarious speeches given by our MESS candidates.
As always, ALL are invited and encourage to run for any position on committee. Bring your friends to vote and have a go!!

We ask all our members to show up (even if you aren't applying for a position), because hey, FREE PIZZA AND SOFT DRINK!!

Being on committee is a really rewarding experience, it looks great on your resume and its so much fun!
If you're considering running for a position make sure to submit a form to the MESS office, come to the AGM and make a speech, presentation, dance, poem or whatever floats your boat.
Executive speeches can be up to 2mins long and all others 1min. (stick to these times or we will play the Oscar's song and boot you off the stage)

AGAIN even if you arent applying for a position come and bring your friends for the laughs and FREE PIZZA and obviously also to help make MESS the biggest and best club (with the best parties) on campus, once again.

~Positions to be elected~

Academic Vice President*
Social Vice President*
Careers Guide Coordinator
Major Events Coordinator x 2
Camps and Sports x 2
Activities (BBQ) Coordinator x 2
Assistant Treasurer
Academic Rep x 2
Marketing Coordinator
General Rep x 2

* Executive Position - must have already been on committee for 1 year