1 year ago

23 September, 2016

Monash Sport

Organised by:
Engineering Students Society

The Manchester Derby just gone was a mere warm up game for the Dean’s Cup Derby. Word has leaked from credible sauces (BBQ & Mustard) that Swedish arrogant superstar Joel Zlatan Ibrahim-ovic will be managing and providing no support or advice at all at the legendary derby.

More free pizza than you can get your hands on, Powerade and a winning prize of a $100 Dan Murphy voucher will be up for grabs for the winning team of the derby.

5 players on the field at any time, maximum team of 7 including subs. Not including the keeper there must be a minimum of 2 girls and 2 guys on the field.

Kick off is 10am Friday 23th September at Monash Sport courts. Best-dressed team and 11am half-time oranges will also be provided.

Team forms will be on the door of the MESS office.