1 year ago

6 October, 2016

Room 132, Building 72, 14 Alliance Lane

Organised by:
Society of Electrical Engineers

SMEE's annual general meeting is being held in Week 10 this semester. All committee positions (except for second year rep - to be elected at the March 2017 OGM) are open for nominations.

Free pizza and drinks for everyone who comes along!

The positions on the SMEE committee are:

President: Responsible for chairing committee meetings, helping the committee with organising club activities, and ensuring compliance with C&S regulations.

Vice President: Chair meetings when president cannot attend. Assist with organising and running club activities.

Treasurer: Prepare and submit the biannual club audit. Oversee the club finances.

Secretary: Take minutes during meetings, assist with the preparation of club grant reports and audits.

Careers and sponsorship rep: Approach employers and potential sponsors, arrange sponsorship deals, and organise SMEE career related events.

Events rep: Assist with the organisation of SMEE career related events, and lead organisation of SMEE social events.

Third and fourth year rep: Promote SMEE events to students from the respective year level, liase with students from the respective year level and present suggestions from the year level to the committee.

Note that to be eligible for third or fourth year representative you must be studying at least one ECE subject from that year level.

If you are interested in running for a position then email smee@monashclubs.org with the position(s) you wish to run for. Elections will occur in the order listed above.
Please Note: if you are intending on running for a position you must have been a SMEE member for at least 5 working days before the AGM