1 year ago

6 September, 2016

Monash University Clayton

Organised by:
WIRED Monash


Monash Ninja is back for another year.

50 codes are scattered all over the campus or online. Be the first to find one of the codes hidden during between September 6-13, and win a prize.

Note: You must be a WIRED Member to participate. If you are not, you can sign up at our Wired AGM 2016 + Free PIZZA on Wednesday!



Those participating in Monash Ninja (the “Entrant”) agree to fully and unconditionally comply with the the Terms and Conditions of the competition. Violations to the official rules, will see the participant’s entry voided.

In order to enter this competition, you do not need to pay to win or enter.

The competition sponsor (the “Sponsor”) is WIRED Monash, a student society at Monash University Clayton. They can be contacted at wired@monashclubs.org or by mail at Mailbox 100, 21 Chancellors Walk, Monash University, VIC 3800.

The competition is only open to associate and ordinary members of WIRED Monash, with the exception of the 2015-16 WIRED Committee. If a winner is found to be ineligible, WIRED Monash reserves the right to withhold the prize and invalidate their entry to the competition.

The competition will start at 12:00 am Tuesday September 6, and will end at 12:00 am Wednesday September 14.

1. Members find codes placed in locations around Monash University Clayton.
2. Once finding a code, members enter the code and student ID at the website, monash.ninja.
3. To receive their prize, they must be the first person to enter the code on the website. Any other submission will not be valid.
4. There are 50 codes available around Monash University Clayton, each assigned to a different prize. The prizes are non-refundable and non-exchangable.
5. A member may not claim more than 1 code.

Winners will be contacted within 72 hours via their Monash University email address. Winners will be able to collect their prize on Wednesday September 21 at a WIRED Monash event to be held on that day.

The entrant waives his/her right to claim any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, punitive, consequential, direct or indirect damages. All issues and questions concerning the validity, construction, interpretation and enforceability of the rules, the Entrant’s rights and obligations, or the Sponsor’s rights and obligation, are constructed and are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria.

WIRED Monash reserves the right to change the rules at any time, and reserves the right to end the competition early if unforeseen circumstances have arisen.