1 year ago

21 September, 2016

Monash University

Organised by:
Computing and Commerce Association

Are you interested in investing, but aren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve already begun but want a more cost efficient way to diversify into 100’s of company/sectors/industries to yield a minimal risk portfolio. Seeking a way to avoid brokerage fees?
It’s time to change the way you view investing...

UNIT Monash is excited to introduce - Acorns, the company that has revolutionised the mobile-investment industry and has created an app which automatically invests your spare change into 5 diversified investment portfolios. Through acorns mighty oaks do grow!

UNIT Monash in conjunction with CCA would like to invite you to have the opportunity to learn about Exchange Traded Funds from Acorns, BlackRock and Russell Investments. The event will include information about:
Investing with Acorns and what's next for the Acorns App
The mechanics and history behind ETFs and how they fit into YOUR investing future
Career opportunities and culture at each respective company

There will be a panel presentation followed by a Q&A session where the best question asked will WIN A $200 ACORNS ACCOUNT!
You will also have the chance to network with the highly esteemed representatives and of course food and drinks will be provided!

Sign up to our event here: https://goo.gl/forms/lu9qDzycLTk1Bdkp1

To find out more about our special guests, you can visit their websites below:
Acorns: https://acornsau.com.au/
BlackRock: https://www.blackrock.com/au/home
Russell Investments: https://russellinvestments.com/au