1 year ago

31 August, 2016

L1, 15 Ancora Imparo Way (Law Building)

Organised by:
Monash Law Students' Society

Your Social Justice and Equity portfolio is bringing you another informative seminar on an entirely different topic: Homelessness and Poverty.

Access to justice is a real issue in our country. Systematic unfairness can lead to prolonged inequality that can continue on forever as individuals struggle to escape the poverty cycle. Homelessness only exacerbates what is already a complex issues.

Katie Ho, Homeless Law lawyer at Justice Connect.
Gemma Cafarella, lawyer in the Civil Justice Program at Victoria Legal Aid

Both of these ladies are passionate about an equal opportunity for all members of society to be represented under the law and have access to legal advice.
If you have a similar passion, come along to this seminar to learn about the discrimination and inequality that is entrenched in our current legal system. Katie Ho and Gemma Cafarella will speak about their respective organisations and how you as a law student and aspiring social justice warrior can make a real difference to people who are impoverished and/or homeless, right now!