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29 August, 2016

Monash Law Students' Society

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Monash Law Students' Society

Sick of moots consisting of tort law, contract law and criminal law? Fret not – the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moot is here.

Engage your inner peace-loving legal instinct as you argue your case with reference to international doctrine, customs and treaties. This is the only mooting competition where students are able to go above and beyond domestic Australian law.

The Monash University Law Students’ Society International Humanitarian Law Moot is a specific moot targeting humanitarian law issues such as war crimes and humanitarian crisis issues. It offers a great opportunity for students to investigate legal issues in this specific, intriguing field. This competition challenges student’s skills in research, formulation of legal arguments and public presentation.

How the competition works:
Teams of two or three law students (two barristers and an optional third solicitor) receive a legal problem to research and prepare for. Students will be required to research arguments for their side but are also encouraged to research and prepare against potential arguments offered by the opposing team. Students will also need to submit a legal memorandum detailing their main arguments.

On the morning of the competition, teams exchange memorandums. This allows teams time to prepare rebuttals or counter-arguments against their opposing team. In the evening teams face off in a “moot” where they vocalise their legal arguments in front of an adjudicator in a courtroom setting.

Teams are awarded a score for their performance based on the strength of their legal memorandum, their legal arguments and their presentation skills. Monash law students from all year levels are encouraged to enter.

What you learn:
The competition helps develop skills in legal drafting, public speaking, formulation of legal arguments, professional conduct and legal research.

Competition dates for 2016 are as follows:

Registration opens Friday 19th August
Registration closes Thursday 26th August @ 5pm
Problem release Friday 27th August @ 9am
Round 1 (all teams) Monday 29th August
Round 2 (all teams) Wednesday 31st August
Quarter Final Monday 5th September
Semi Final Wednesday 7th September
Grand Final Monday 12th September (held at the Federal Court of Australia)

Students wishing to take part in the competition can register at https://goo.gl/forms/zl31fJSShtoPi0l72.