1 year ago

9 August, 2016

L2, Law Building, Clayton Campus, Monash University

Organised by:
Music Student Societ, Monash

It's that time of year again - our AGM (or Annual General Meeting) is right around the corner, and we'd love (and need!) to have as many of you there as possible! As an added incentive for coming along and getting involved with MSS, we'll also be providing free pizza for everyone there!

Date: Tuesday 9th August (Week 3) 2016
Time: 2pm
Where: L2 in the Law Basement

Our AGM is a wonderful opportunity to hear about what the MSS has been up to in the past year, vote on a few changes to our Constitution and run for a position on the MSS Committee! So if you're keen, invite your friends to vote you in, and score a free lunch in the process!



To vote, you must be a member of the Monash Music Students' Society, but you can sign up at the meeting.

To be elected, you must have bought your membership no later than Mid-Year Festival this year.