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8 August, 2016

Lot's Wife

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Lot's Wife

August 8 - 11 is Lot's Wife Week!


Events include:

Monday | August 8
11AM - Writers Meeting
Our regular Lot's Wife writers meeting will be happening so come and have a chat to us about potential article ideas, any issues or just come and hang out. There may even be some cookies...
LOCATION: Lot's Office (Turn right at the MSA reception and walk all the way down the corridor and turn left at the last door)

1PM - So you want to edit Lot's Wife?
Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Lot's Wife? This is an opportunity for contributors to ask questions about the application process and what exactly the job entails.
Location: The Lot's Wife Offfice

Tuesday | August 9
1PM - Lot's Wife BBQ
Cant' be bothered making your own lunch at home or don't want to buy lunch at uni? Lot's has you covered with a FREE BBQ on Menzies lawn.
LOCATION: Menzies Lawn

Wednesday | August 10
11AM - Illustrating Lot's Wife
If you are keen on illustrating or have previously had your art featured in Lot's Wife but have some questions or want some tips on turning an article into an illustration, this workshop will help give you some tips on how to turn words to pictures
LOCATION: MSA Meeting Room

3PM - Beyond Lot's Wife
So you've written for Lot's. Now what? Learn how to use your experience and your writing to enhance your job prospects (or impress your mum)
LOCATION: Lot's Office

Thursday | August 11
1PM - DISSENT zine workshop
Calling all creatives! DISSENT is back and the MSA Women's Department and Lot’s Wife are teaming together to unleash the talent, ideas, rants and musings of awesome women. We are seeking contributions from all mediums, such as poetry, prose, drawing, comics, design, commentary, etc. (*** This event and the publication are open to all those that identify as or with women, including non-binary individuals)