2 years ago

10 May, 2016

Menzies Lawn

Organised by:
Vietnamese Students Association

Week 9 feelz finally catching up to you?
Are the diminishing digits in your bank account starting to stress you out as much as your GPA?

DON’T WORRY FAM; we're back at it again with LOTS OF LOVE and free*** FRIED RICE!

It’s never too late to join to make long-lasting friends and memories in VSA Monash!

Talk to us about our upcoming events, including:
1. OGM + GAMES NIGHT + FREE PIZZA - Tues. 17th of May
2. BOUNCE DODGEBALL in collaboration with VSA - The University of Melbourne! - Friday 27th of May!

~MORE DETAILS coming soon; keep an eye on our page!~

Come see us to sign up for our:
1. Bounce Dodgeball -> (recording interest only, payments due later!)
2. Memership -> showbag included!
$7 with MSA, $12 without!
***Free Fried Rice is exclusive to those who sign up for Dodgeball and for all of our members!

Get excited, because WE SURE ARE!
~VSA Monash