2 years ago

17 May, 2016

H5 & S106-07

Organised by:
Vietnamese Students Association

Wasssssup VSA Fam!

It’s your VSA Monash crew back at it with another kick ass event! Let us mark the 17th of May as a night to remember with some of the best fun you’ll ever have! The 17th of May marks our annual OGM & games night! It’s a night of solidarity and excitement for VSA members. Our VSA Monash team has put together the greatest games collection known to mankind…

Some of these include 8 player Super Smash Bros, Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity, UNO, Yugioh, Fifa 16, Nba 2k16, Dance Central and much more!!! This majestic event will be hosted at room H5 (OGM) and S106-07 (Games) at Monash Clayton. By doing this we’ve made it easier for everyone to come to!

It’ll run from 5:30pm-9pm that’s 3 and a half hours of goodness :) What makes this event so majestic is the free pizza that’ll be provided to all VSA members it’ll be nice to be fed free pizza with that uni budget! We got you fam! This is truly a night to remember (blue eyes white dragon will be making a surprise entrance) we encourage you all to come!!!!!

Love VSA Monash <3