2 years ago

23 May, 2016

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Organised by:
Law Students Society

Need some last minute revision for your law subjects? The LSS is running a series of 90 minute revision seminars presented by past HD-students in week 12 for each of the core and quasi-core law units, excluding Foundations of Law. Each seminar aims to provide an overall structure for each subject, with an emphasis on the key exam topics and a focus on exam structure.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must bring your 2016 LSS key ring with you to each seminar you attend - key rings *will* be checked at the door. The seminars are extremely popular and as such are strictly restricted to registered LSS members. You can purchase your membership before the seminars at the LSS office, located in the basement of the Law Building,between Monday to Thursday from 10am to 3pm. There will be a limited amount of key rings for sale at the door. If you intend to purchase a keyring at the door please bring cash and the exact amount ($15) if possible. Every attempt has been made to avoid clashes for those undertaking units concurrently, however individual clashes cannot be accommodated.

Please note that the seminars will not be recorded. Recording devices are also not permitted. Slides will not be made available online. Any photographing or recording of the slides through any devise whatsoever will not be permitted. In the event that any of this occurs, the seminar will be immediately terminated.

There are two separate Criminal Law Revision Seminars (Crim 1 and Crim A), and two separate Torts Seminars (Torts A and Torts 1113). Please make sure you attend the correct revision seminar as the content covered will be specific to that subject.

The two Property A seminars will be covering the exact same content so there is no need to attend both.

The first Contracts Seminar will be covering the course material and the second one will go over a past exam.

If you have any questions please email Fidel at tutorials@monashlss.com



Monday 23rd May

Prop A (A) - CL_37Rnf/M2
Evidence - CL_37Rnf/M3

6:30pm – 8:00pm
Contracts - CL_46Exh/R4
Constitutional Law - CL_46Exh/R5

Tuesday 24th May

Ethics - CL_20Chn/H5
Administrative Law - CL_20Chn/H1

Prop A (J) - CL_46Exh/R4
Criminal Law 1 - CL_46Exh/R5 (For Students who commenced their studies in 2015 and later)

Wednesday 25th May

Criminal Law A - CL_46Exh/R5
Corporations Law - CL_15Rnf/S5

Contracts - CL_46Exh/R1
Trusts - CL_46Exh/R5

Thursday 26th May

Civil procedure - CL_46Exh/R5
Torts A - CL_46Exh/R4

Torts 1113 - CL_46Exh/R4
Equity - CL_46Exh/R1