2 years ago

25 May, 2016

South 1 Lawn

Organised by:
Law Students Society

Amigos, how does one decide between exceptionally-engaging social shenanigans and attending a highly nutritious and delicious Mexican feast?

Your LSS - as always - proffers an appropriately authentic and well-reasoned response: porque no los dos?

Taco little time out of your busy schedule te-quila the Week 12 blues by attending our eagerly-anticipated and inaugural Mexican Fiesta Lunch extravaganza. We shan't pay for a wall, but we will shout you a solid feed.

On this fine day, we shall also be launching the annual LSS Peer Mentor Survey (or perlustration, if you will).

This – I assure you – will take a mere 5 minutes and, upon completion, you shall be entered into a draw to acquire one of several cheekily-issued gift cards to greatly enhance your present purchasing power.

This riveting survey may be completed online, too, (such high tech - wow) in subsequent weeks.

Feedback is paramount to PMP so, even if Mexican cuisine is nacho thing, we implore you: please do assist us in our continual quest for perfection and divulge the juicy minutiae of your mentoring experience.

Kindly allow your interests to be adequately piqued by this lyrical discourse. Can't wait to gasbag with you all once more xo