2 years ago

8 October, 2015

S9 16 Rainforest Walk (Building 25)

Organised by:
Monash Environmental Engineering Society

Hope you all enjoyed the week off for midsem break! Come and join us THIS THURSDAY of WEEK 10 (8th October) from 12-1pm for another great INDUSTRY EVENT, where you will get to hear from some of our Environmental Engineering Alumni!!

The event will specifically focus on Female Enviro Engineers.
Both guests are Monash Environmental Engineering graduates and will be sharing their experiences as recent graduates, as well as the role of women within the Environemntal Engineering Sector!

So, come down between 12-1pm and hear from,

Kainre Wallin (2009 - 2013) who currently works at Hyder consulting as a sustainability engineer and has had a wide range of experiences across environmentally focused service sectors
Daniella tartaglia (2010-2014) has worked with both V-Line and Coffey and has a wide range of volunteering experiences alongside this.

WE WILL ALSO BE SELLING TICKETS TO OUR 'COCKTAIL EVENT' IN WEEK 12! Ticket sales will be held from 11:30am-12pm just outside the S9 lecture theatre, be one of the lucky first few to get your hands on a ticket to this first time event! Details for the "Cocktail Event" are as follows:

Price: $60, (includes finger food and unlimited beer, wine and spirits from 8-11pm)
Date: Friday 23rd October (WEEK 12)
Time: 7:30pm-1am
Location: NOIR Restaurant
(175 Swan Street
Richmond Victoria 3121)
For more information check out the event page

Hope to see you all there !