2 years ago

16 March, 2016

L5 (15 Ancora Imparo Way) (Building 12)

Organised by:
Environmental Engineering Society

Hey Enviros,

So after a great start to the year with the MEES BBQ it is now time for us to have an ordinary. general. meeting. (OGM) !

So, come down and visit us between 1-2pm on Wednesday (16th of March) for some FREE PIZZA and DRINKS!!!

Location: L5 (15 Ancora Imparo Way) - Law Building (Building 12)

You will have the opportunity to find out what is happening with MEES this year! (BBQs, Trivia Night, Camp, Cocktail Night.. just to name a few haha)

We've have also got three positions up for election:
1st Year Rep

To be elected you just have to have been a MEES member for at least a week, and either nominate yourself or be nominated by a friend! For more information or to apply for either of these positions, email us at mees@monashclubs.org

and did i mention PIZZA? There will be pizza!

Hope you see you all there!

xoxo MEES Committee

PS: Please don't forget to click attending !!

Also, don't forget to get your Resume & Cover letter checked at Monash Careers Connet! We will share more details about careers connect at our event.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/monashuniversitycareerconnect/?fref=ts