2 years ago

15 November, 2015

Monash University

Organised by:
Lot's Wife

Are you a writer, artist, designer or just all-around enthusiast?

Lot's Wife, the student magazine of Monash University, is looking for awesome people to join our team in 2016!

We want first-time writers, we want emerging artists, we want everyone who wants to see their stuff be printed in a by-students, for-students magazine. Experience is no obstacle!

We particularly want to hear from those of a diverse background, whether that be one of gender, race, religion, disability or sexuality. We believe all students should be given the opportunity to shape their student media, help us out!

We'll be hosting launch parties, contributors meetings, and proofreading nights throughout the year, and those may or may not involve free food/booze...


We need some excellent bums to fill these particular seats:

• Sub-editors: Help us. Editing, proofreading, and talking to writers about a single topic. You'll be our second-in-command, and help us make a great magazine. If you'd like to write regualy as well, we ain't gonna stop you.

• Columnists: We want your thoughts. You'll be contracted to write one article a month, although you can write more if you like. Write on anything you like, and write on it passionately. If you've always wanted your name in lights, this for you.

• Campus reporter: Our eyes in the sky. You'll be reporting weekly on anything that you run into on campus. Free food? Send us a Snapchat. Protest? Live-tweet it. If you love telling people about stuff, get over here.

• Illustrator/graphic designers: Make us look good. A wall of text in a magazine looks like butt, and you know that. Give us some pictures! You can submit your own work, or take assignments from us (illustrating articles, border design and so forth).

•Cartoonists: Stickin' words to pictures. Create a regular strip? We want it. Make some funny political cartoons? We want it. A whole-page comic story? We want it all. Some famous cartoonists (like Mark Sexton of Mad Max fame) got their start at Lot's... maybe you could be next?

• Photographers: freeze time onto our pages. You can do your own creative work or take assignments from us. We want good cameras + good eyes + good sense of a great shot.

• General Contributors: you just wanna write! Or draw! I guess! Lot's Wife is nothing without its contributors, and that means you! We'll send you ideas or you can pitch your own, and we'll publish your words.

Applications close December 14th!
Get your rear in gear and apply already!


If we like the cut of your jib, we'll be in touch for an interview!

Any questions, concerns, or hi-fives, post them in this event or email us at lotswife2016@gmail.com