2 years ago

15 February, 2016


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Lot's Wife

How to Get Published in Lot's Wife in 3 Easy Steps

Step One: Come to our killer content meeting, complete with free food and drink!

Step Two: Meet our amazing Sub-Editor team and get a piece, or pitch your own!

Step Three: Pour your heart and soul onto the page, clean up the mess, and give it to us!

We then polish it up, bolt your name on it, and proudly show it to all our friends. With 2000 copies and untold thousands online, you'll be pretty popular.

This meeting will be lots of chatting, pitching, and assigning pieces. Whether you've written for us for years or you've never heard of us, we'd love to meet you!

We are always always always looking for new contributors, so if you can't make today, send us an email at msa-lotswife@monash.edu and we'll find you a place in Lot's.

<3, Your Editors