3 years ago

23 August, 2015

Albert Park and Lake- frisbee fields

Organised by:
Monash Ultimate Frisbee

The Monash King & Queen Hat Tournament is on again!
Teams Are randomly drawn at the beginning of each round with even amounts of beginner, intermediate and advanced players on each team. At the end of the day (aiming for 5 games of frisbee), the male and female player with the most wins will be crowned King and Queen. If there are players with equal numbers of wins, then a frisbee related challenge will be set to determine the ultimate King or Queen. We have also fixed up the allocation and computer issues experienced last year, so if you're looking for a champion day of relaxed, yet slightly competitive frisbee, get around the Kings and Queens!

Frisbee lunch, snacks and dinner are all provided.

Register on the AFDA website:

Registration is capped at 8 teams, and a gender mix across teams will be allocated automatically.